Noel Kreicker


Noel’s childhood was spent on the beaches of Alki Point, along the rivers of Western Washington, and in the waters of Puget Sound.  She graduated with honors in Fine Arts from the University of Washington in 1967 and afterwards spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines. Noel spent the next 35 years living and working in the Northern Suburbs of Chicago where she founded and was President of a cultural training company, IOR Global Services.  Her work and focus on intercultural understanding took her to more than 30 countries.  In 2010, Noel retired to her home in the Pacific Northwest which fronts the tidelands of Willapa Bay in Tokeland, WA. She studies under Molly Hashimoto in Seattle, and has benefited from workshops by Erik Sandgren, Tom Hoffman, Robbie Laird, Cathe Gill and Wally Mann.  Noel participates in the “Art on the Map” program in Aberdeen, WA, and is the “Artist in Residence” at Harbor Shoes, where her paintings are on display. She draws inspiration from the wealth of Nature’s beauty found in the Grays Harbor area.

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Serenity Arch  15 x 19  Watercolor   $75

Serenity Arch 15 x 19 Watercolor $75