Mery Swanson

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About the Artist

 Mery Logerstedt Swanson born in Idaho, has lived mostly in the Pacific Northwest and finds inspiration from the delicate colors and light of coastal Washington.  “There’s a wonderful progression of natural and beautiful experiences occurring during every season of the year.”

 She studied art by correspondence as a youth and drew images of people, animals and landscape wherever she was.  In college, she did classmates portraits, and later recorded her children’s lives in her sketch books.

 She says, “My first contact with watercolor, I was hooked. It’s  spontaneous, simple, but also complicated; it has completely captured my interest.”

 She teaches beginning watercolor classes, shows in local galleries, and volunteers as Director of the Art Promotion Group of ‘Our Aberdeen’, a nonprofit  ‘embracing projects that build pride in Aberdeen’.

Contact information:  Email:
Cell:  360 580 7438


Chehalis Storm Watch

Chehalis Storm Watch    30 x 36    Watercolor     $700   “….the river was silver in the sunset’s glow”

Red Plum Blossoms in Snow

Red Plum Blossoms in Snow          19 x 25              Watercolor                          $300                                    …..a few blossoms the end of the month of February in the snow…


Lands End - Tokeland

Lands End – Tokeland    17 x 21             $250             Watercolor

Lake Bridge web

The Bridge at Lake Sylvia 22 x 18.5 Watercolor                               $300