2012 Fall Show



The 2012 Fall Show is proudly presented by the Art Promotion Group of Our Aberdeen.

Early in 2012, a contact by Sharon Taylor of the Grays Harbor Community Hospital to me and to Gary Douglas Lennon of Artists on the Map led to a meeting with Hospital Chief Operating Officer Larry Kahl and David Quigg, Director of Public Relations and Marketing and a few members of the Board of Directors of Our Aberdeen to discuss the possibilities of the Art Promotion Group of Our Aberdeen lending their efforts to establishing a continuing gallery presentation for the Healing Gallery at Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

My special thanks go to some of the people who made this possible:

Healing Gallery Chair: Sylvia Dickerson
Curator: Allan Koidahl
Show Dedication Artist:  Elizabeth Bolton, Calligrapher
Dedication Framing:  Frames N Things
Hanging the show:  Maintenance staff of GH Community Hospital
Artists Reception:  Hosted by Grays Harbor Community Hospital
and to all the artists who submitted work for our first presentation.

Mery Swanson,
Director of Art Promotion Group of Our Aberdeen
Web: Mery Swanson and Rick Moyer