Ron Arel

Ron Arel pic

Ron Arel at work!

Ron is a photographer living in Westport.  He moved to the area in 2003 and found himself captivated by the natural beauty that abounds in the area.

He works strictly in the digital medium, employing dslr cameras and applicable software.

His photographs have been published both domestically and internationally in periodicals, brochures and newspapers.  Other projects have included commercial advertising for the hotel industry and real estate. The Historical Seaport Authority and various Chambers of Commerce have also utilized his images.

Ron’s goal is to provide images that cause one to pause, reflect and enjoy the natural wonder that surrounds us all.
He maintains an internet presence at:

Contact at 360 268-0946 or via email at:

Surf Over South Jetty 13x36 $155

Surf Over South Jetty 13×36 $155

Pelican-Lineup 18x22  $135

Pelican-Lineup 18×22 $135