2017 Fall Show 1 of 2

To the guests, staff and visitors to the Healing Gallery at the Grays Harbor Community Hospital, we dedicate this web page to you, where we memorialize the work of the artists from coastal Western Washington.

I want to welcome you to the 2017 Fall Show.

I wish to thank the team members who take their time to select and hang the show.
Beginning shortly after the Spring Show’s opening reception, I invited Joan Brewster, Doug Orr, Lee Staley, Heidi Davis, Kimmi Kerns, Martha Webb, Sandy Early and Elizabeth Bolton to be the 2017 Fall Show Team.

Thanks go to Nancee Long, the Hospital’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing, for making arrangements for us, mailing invitations and hosting the opening reception for the artists and guests.  Thanks, also, to Sharon Taylor, a long time supporter of the Healing Gallery and the work we do; and to Rosemary Chapman, who joined the show this year as a contributing artist.  Both are members of the staff of Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

My sincere thanks,
Mery Swanson, Director
Art Promotion Group of Our Aberdeen