Robin Harlow

Robin Harlow

Robin Harlow

My work has an ambiguity that combines 19th century Victoria imagery with contemporary surrealism.  When I work, I am unencumbered by social restrictions, I allow myself to paint freely what I want, the way I feel it.  While blending a sense of the absurd I ponder such issues as emotional isolation, longing,and the psychological vividness of childhood.

I explore the density and despair of a nightmare as I expose the vulnerability of my own childhood as well as my dreams.  My work is marked with a profound and sweet sadness that is offset by the richness and beauty that vivid color, pattern and texture have to offer.

I am fascinated by the act of seeing and by the process in which visual information is understood.  As I paint dreams replete with subjects, people, places and aesthetics my ultimate goal is to draw attention to the illusions that provide our lives with wonder.



Joie-30x40-Acrylic $1800

Joie-30×40-Acrylic $1800

Ancestors 40x30 Acrylic $1800

Ancestors 40×30 Acrylic $1800