Jenny Fisher

Jenny Fisher is the President and one of the charter members of the Harbor Art Guild.  She studied art through her elementary, secondary, and college school years.

She was born in southern California and has lived in Grays Harbor since 1985, establishing herself as a local mural artist through Washington State’s 1989 Bicentennial mural project, headed by Washington’s First Lady, Jean Gardiner.  Besides her mural painting she enjoys painting backdrops for drama productions and large music venues.

In most of her painting she is influenced by the post impressionists, especially Vincent Van Gogh.  She also produces detailed pen and ink pieces, influenced early in life by the works of Aubrey Beardsley.  She enjoys sign painting and other calligraphic work.  She watercolors, creates stain glass work, leather work and has begun to explore wood carving.

Jenny’s latest piece was shown in the 2012 Fall Gala Show at the Grays Harbor College library and is now in the Grays Harbor Community Hospital Healing Gallery 2013 Spring show.  She also hangs periodically at  Six Rivers Gallery in Hoquiam and you can see some of her work through the Harbor Art Guild website

Separations   58 x 44   Acrylic    $900