Donna Graham

Ms. Graham was raised in a small town of Northern New Jersey.  A local artist who saw her artwork felt she had some promise and offered her some free lessons.  She continued her lessons through high school with another retired artist, Mr. Charles Chapman.  After high school, she briefly took classes at the student Art League on New York City.

A lapse of some years followed, buy physical injury brought her back to her “oils”.  She contributed and sold paintings at modest-size art fairs around the Pacific Northwest and was pleased with the responses and support.  She continued to paint and explore different subjects and styles; and when opportunities arose, she displayed and sold work in New York City and Washington, DC.

Ms. Graham has been living in the Pacific Northwest since 1987, including Whidbey Island, Bremerton, and now Aberdeen.  Wherever she moved, she joined the local groups (most recently the Associated Artists of Ocean Shores and Hoquiam Art Guild), where she participated in invitational shows, and continued to broaden her styles of painting.  Most recently she has received recognition and awards in the Fine Arts Festival of Ocean Shores.

Ms. Graham can be reached at 360 533 8384

Donna Graham

Light and Shadow 16 x 20 Oil $350