Pete and Nonni Van Dalen

Pete Van Dalen first got interested in Stained Glass as a young man when he noticed classes being offered at the local Community School Program.  He has ben producing stained glass art ever since, mostly for pleasure, but has also accepted a number of commissions.  One is the 5′ x 5′ Lighthouse window installed at the Family Lighthouse Clinic in Ocean Shores, opposite IGA and ACE.  Produced as a joint effort with his wife, Nonni, the window can be seen from Sea Horse Avenue NE.

Nonni Van Dalen has worked in many art forms, from oils to ceramics, and lastly in Watercolor and glass mosaics.  The rich texture of the colors of the various types of glass and the light produced by the sun’s refraction through it evokes a special feeling of comfort as evocative as with stained glass in churches.

Both Nonni and Pete have exhibited in Ocean Shores at Mermaid Cover, and have participated in Art Shows in Ocean Shores, Aberdeen, and Olympia.  They enjoy collaborating on projects and continue to inspire and encourage one another.   Contact Information:
Cell phone:  360-591-4924/3

LaConner Garden 19 x 33 Stained glass  $285

LaConner Garden 19 x 33 Stained glass $285


Victorian Window 23 x 22 Stained Glass  $265

Victorian Window 23 x 22 Stained Glass $265