Anthony Robinson

Up until  recently ,I have always been heavily involved in  the construction trade, and did quite well moving up from a laborer, carpenter, foreman to superintendent , working for some notable contractors in the Grays Harbor Area.

As a young man, I began framing condos, and lake homes in Missouri, then moved to Texas and framed large custom homes, I always loved the geometry and beauty of custom homes, and excelled in the skill of building multi-planed roofs, archways, barrel ceilings and stairs.

However, it wasn’t until 2000, in a little converted garage here in Westport, that I began to let my imagination run wild, I would bring home scrap wood from job sites, then race to the hardware store on payday to buy some new tool, all excited to get home so I could go to my shop and build, build and build.  I built some cool stuff, using already milled wood, played with shaping and overlays. Then that part of my life ended, just like that.

Then, almost a year ago, after going through some dark times,  I began to get excited about creating a different kind of jewelry , so I taught myself to braid, I wanted to learn EVERY type of braid and knot out there, the more I learned, the more  excited I became,  I needed some driftwood to display all this jewelry  I am  making”…  Sooo then, I took the small driftwood stump, some archaic tools, and time and patience, I began shaping the roots into animals.

The fuse was lit!  The powder keg of creativity started to ignite! I am serious, I began to get so excited thinking of what new worlds lay in old battered driftwood, I went and bought a little saw, I thought about how to go about hewing away at raw wood, and how I could ‘carve’ a living. It is at this point though, that I must say, I feel as if I have been given a gift, a blessing from the Almighty, something that I did not know I had. I also began to realize that to truly express myself, I wanted to learn to sketch, so I began to sketch first, with the pencil, what I wanted to carve with a chainsaw ( it is my high-powered pencil), so my neighbor, Donna Palmer, she’s great!, said I have sketch books, and some paper! I started drawing, and reading how to draw, and then drawing some more.

Interesting fact: all the great sculptors of the renaissance were encouraged to MASTER sketching, before painting or sculpting granite. Thus the same is true with wood…                       Contact Information:

Fishies in the Sea 40x24 Western Cedar $1950

Fishies in the Sea 40×24 Western Cedar $1950