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Our Aberdeen and Grays Harbor Community Hospital


The Healing Gallery at Grays Harbor Community Hospital is a professional, secure, and well lighted hanging space open to the public daily. The Gallery is equipped with security camera and professional, secure wire and hook equipment.  The show remains in place approximately six months; however, art work may be sold immediately. The Director will contact the artist immediately with inquiries. No entry fees are charged and all monies from sales go to the Artist. The Hospital requires that artwork must be removed and replaced only by the Director or Curator.

Entries must be wholly artist’s original work. (Class work copied from instructor’s images is not eligible.) Art must be ready to hang (includes wires and also small saw-tooth strip at top).  Art must be suitable for multi-age public display.  Selection is made by a Selection Committee appointed by Director from JPG file images or 4 x 6 color photos submitted and is subject to final approval by Grays Harbor Community Hospital based on content being sensitive to the needs of the people they serve. All coastal Washington artists are eligible.

Submission Packet to include:
Your  Artist’s Application form.
One Art Entry form for each image submitted. Limit five (5) images.

Images may be submitted by JPG files or by 4 x 6 Color photos.
Identify each image by title and name of artists.

Submit your package by email to:
or by mail or hand deliver to Swanson, 301 North H Street, Aberdeen.

Application Forms
Your application forms are listed under Call to Artists.
Forms are also attached to your  “Invitation to Submit”  in the emails you receive.
If you did not receive an email announcing this years show, send your email request to  Your information will be added to the announcement list and forms forwarded to you by email.

Any questions regarding above instruction for submission, contact:

Mery Swanson, Director of Art Promotion of Our Aberdeen
300 580 7438