Lyn Hayes

Lyn has been involved in the process of artistic creation in one form or another all her long life. She has been greatly influenced by her maternal ancestors who had attended art school in Paris, France.  Whether it is live theater, musical jams, distinctive landscaping or visual arts, you will find Lyn has a hand in the medium. Because of her love of computers and graphic design, she finished her Master’s in Education, Learning & Technology, this past decade.

In celebration of South Beach Art Association’s — that summer gallery— she has prepared 14 different, distinctive block print offerings in a myriad of wildlife and nautical themes that were well received by the public. These works feature both contrasting colors and cool coastal colors. For the previous three year period, she worked in the water color medium, producing 27 pieces, and jewelry, culminating in twisted wire art pieces.

Who's Zat   15x13  Lino cut block print w/copic markers & rice paper  $100

Who’s Zat     15×13   $100                Lino cut block print with copic markers and rice paper