Terry DeHart

Much of my photography is of places or things people have abandoned. Deserted farms, factories, vehicles, commercial establishments and towns have always caught my interest. Some have outlived their usefulness or just wore out. Whatever the reason, looking at those things has always made me wonder about the history and the people who were part of that history. Other favorites of mine are snow scenes, buildings (picturesque to decrepit), doorways and windows. I occasionally photograph landscapes and other scenic views. Also I enjoy photographing people, either as candid shots or in natural settings.
I began taking pictures in high school with a Kodak Pony 135 and built my own darkroom in my parent’s basement. At that time, in the early 50’s, most people were still shooting black and white film.
With the advent of affordable digital cameras, I moved from film to digital photography It does give me some choices that I didn’t get with film, like seeing images immediately and not being limited by the amount of film on hand. The down side of digital photography is seeing images immediately and not being limited by the amount of film on hand.  It’s easy to get a little lazy and assume that between Photoshop© and a dozen digital images you can create a winner. Guess what, it doesn’t work that way. Nearly all my poorly planned shots end up deleted to the trash bin. Sometimes I use Photoshop© to remove the color, which lets me work with the photo as a black and white.

I have exhibited locally in the Seattle/Bellevue area at galleries and restaurants. I came to The Gallery of Ocean Shore with some questions about my photos for Roy Lowry about some entries I have submitted to April, 2013 Open Art Show. Roy liked my work and asked me if I would be interested in becoming a member of the gallery. I was impressed with the quality and diversity of artwork at the gallery and accepted Roy’s invitation. I did win an Honorable Mention in the Ocean Shores Juried Art Show

Contact:           206 799 7292              terrydh1@mac.com

Autumn Road   18x24 Photography    $495

Autumn Road 18×24
Photography $495

Driftwood at Dungeness Spit   16x20  Photography $395

Driftwood at Dungeness Spit 16×20 Photography            $395