Beverly King Lufkin

Beverly King Lufkin

Beverly King Lufkin

Signature life member Northwest Watercolor Society

Born 1943, Dexel Hill, Pennsylvania, and graduated Kurtztown State University 1965, with BS Art Education Degree; Bev attended University of Vermont and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  She taught public school art in New York State.  Bev is the recipient of numerous awards for art work over forty years; in particular, paintings done outdoors on location in the Pacific Northwest.

“Painting outdoors, mainly in watercolor, has been a prime interest since my early childhood in Eastern Pennsylvania.  I had a string of talented instructors from grade school through college and beyond.  Traveling to many picturesque places like Italy, Mexico, England and Ireland; I found it enriching and productive to work from a town square or a charming vista.  However, I have never become immune to the beautiful Pacific Northwest where most of my pieces are created.”

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Snowy Solitude     20x24 Acrylic       $200

Snowy Solitude     20×24
Acrylic on Canvas         $200


Field of Pink  33x27 Watercolor    $350

Field of Pink       33×27   Watercolor        $350