Kathi Butorac

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Watercolorist for the last 40+ years, I’ve exhibited in many places in Washington. I paint when I have the time, which was never enough while I was teaching middle school for 25 years.  Now that I am retired *June 2013), I hope to spend more time devoted to my watercolors. So far, not enough time.

I love watching watercolors blend together on my paper, some controlled, some not, but all good. I love the multitude of shades, values, and color variations of each color of the spectrum. I like to show that variety in my paintings.

Nature gives me the inspiration, the watercolors add the smile to nature.

Contact Information:
Email:  kbutorac1_elma@hotmail.com

Hydrangeas    21.5 x 17 Watercolor  $175

Reflections  19x21 Watercolor $225.

Reflections 19 x 21 Watercolor $225.