Jack Holbrook

Jack G. Holbrook, LCdr, USN (Ret), MSW

Born in Burley, Idaho, 1925, a farm boy.  His childhood drives were woodworking, model planes, art.
His military history:  Naval Air Wings of Gold, 1946; Korea, 1953: 54 combat missions; retirement from Navy after 180 carrier landings, 5600 pilot hours and 21 years.
University of Utah MSW, 1969.  Social Worker State of Nevada.
1988 art school at Peninsula Community College, Port Angeles, WA
Work:  sculptures, watercolors.

Relocated to Cosmopolis in 1966 — wood turning: Polychromatic segmented bowls and vases, and now sculptures and watercolors.

Contact:  jacgh@olynet.com

“North of November,  Wood and canvas,  37 x 25 x 4,    $750.
To show the beauty of waterfalls in the many parks I have visited…”

“Garden Fairies”,  Wood, canvas and aluminum,    41″ x 35.5 x 6.     $850.
“To move forward in my designing of stretched canvas sculptures..”

“Night Blooming Cereus”,  Wood, canvas, and aluminum,    41 x 27.5 x 3   $650
“To show the night blooming of a cereus….”