Erik Pederson

About the Artist

A life as an artist is a tough embrace.  While one chooses to become a teacher, a mechanic, or a doctor; one must be fully consumed by creative passion in order to be an artist.  In that sense art is far from an occupation, but rather a worldview. I began painting, drawing, and sculpting early in my teen years and later enrolled as an art student during my freshman year at the University of Wyoming. Although I took just the basic studio classes of drawing, 2-D, 3-D, and color theory, my skills as an artist grew considerably.  However, I had reservations about a career in art and instead majored in Religious Studies.  After discerning a vocation to the Catholic priesthood, I moved to Grays Harbor as a volunteer tutor. Something about the local atmosphere has again stoked the flames of my creative passion and I have been painting with a renewed vigor.  Lately I have been largely influenced by the abstract expressionists and by the freedom with which they approached painting.  Although I frequently paint from scenery, working in a purely abstract manner with bold colors and loose brush strokes allows me to convey the strong emotions within me.

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Works on display in  2014 Spring Show at Grays Harbor Community Hospital Healing Gallery:

Westport, Acrylic  18 x 22  $200

Drydock, Acrylic 12 x 18  $100

Diminished Returns - Acrylic on board  24 x 17.5    $100

Diminished Returns – Acrylic on board    24 x 17.5    $100