Julie Rajcich

About the Artist

I am a photographer because I love it. I am completely dedicated to the creative process; it is what makes me whole. I strive to create captivating images that represent a space, place, person or object in a way that captures their true spirit. I enjoy exploring each phase of the process and then watching how it all comes together to create that one final image that makes my heart sing.

With a BA in interior design from WSU, I have held onto the basic principles and elements of design and have shifted my focus to photography. Through my life experiences I have developed a strong passion for photography and have enjoyed integrating it into my current lifestyle. Born and raised in Aberdeen, WA it is only natural that my love for photography began with the outdoor environment. From there my love of photography has grown to welcome many genres. I am enjoying the journey of discovering what each genre has to offer and most recently I have found myself focusing on commercial photography, specifically architectural interiors as well as product photography. Although quite different from commercial photography, wedding photography has proven to be a constant passion of mine as well.

Contact Information:
Email:  julierajcich@gmail.com
Website:   www.julierajcichphotography.com

Robert's Library - Photography -  20 x 16 ,    $250

Robert’s Library – Photography –        20 x 16 ,        $250

Golden Hour - Photography  -  20 x 16     $250

Golden Hour – Photography –              20 x 16          $250