Anthony Robinson

Anthony Robinson – Bibliography 2014

“I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s, I will not reason or compare; my business is to create…” These words were penned almost 200 years ago, by English artist, William Blake. When I learned of this quote, the first time I ever saw or read it, about 6 months ago, it brought tears to my eyes. Because this is all and exactly how I feel about what art, and creativity is all about.

I feel much different writing a biography for this year’s entry into the Healing Gallery; where I come from and what I used to do, is no longer important for me to expound upon.  I now live with my fellowman…
I had a thought the other day,  My desire is to just be able to catch a small portion of the beauty which is above my head and below my feet, the beauty which the Greatest Artist has bestowed upon humankind.
I really believe in the Healing Gallery; I like to think that some folks who are recovering and wandering the halls of the hospital, will happen upon this wonderful hallway and they will find joy, hope and a piece of happiness to take with them, while they recover….

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